Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Operation Kindness Helps with Hurricane Isaac

Braithwaite, LA

In September of 2012 Operation Kindness received a call from KAT5 Animal Rescue, an emergency response group working in Braithwaite, Louisiana, a town that was especially hard hit by Hurricane Isaac. KAT 5 Rescue was able to rescue more than 50 animals, and all had been reunited with the exception of a few. Operation Kindness was asked to see if we could take any animals remaining homeless.
Amy and Saber's owner returns and says goodbye
Amy and Saber are 3-year-old Bloodhound mixes who are lucky to have survived. Flood waters rose in their house within minutes and their owner was pulled through the attic to safety. He was forced to leave the two girls on the roof. The two girls swam away to safety and returned to their house when floodwaters fell to faithfully wait until their owner returned. KAT 5 fed the girls for several days after the flood and they were there feeding them when their owner returned.

He has lost everything and is living in a shelter and does not foresee when or if he can return to his home. He asked KAT5 Rescue if they could take the girls and "find a home for my babies where they will be loved and allowed to live their lives together, forever." That is when the call was made to Operation Kindness.

Can I get a boarding pass?
The girls were flown from a New Orlean's airport to DFW Airport, where Animal Care Director Sandi Laird was waiting for them. They were immediately brought to Operation Kindness where they were given much love and TLC. Both are healthy, happy, and well adjusted sweethearts.

Because Operation Kindness is a no-kill animal shelter, we can provide a stable, loving environment for them to share until we find them a forever home... together. It can take some time to adopt a large dog, and finding a home willing to take two could take even longer. But we are determined to help these girls stay together and find a great home.

UPDATE! Saber and Amy were adopted together to a loving family in November 2012!

Going for a walk at Operation Kindness