Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Catio Partitions are Complete!

A dream has come true for the cats at Operation Kindness! New partitions have been installed on both ends of our cat porch (also known as our "catio") that will enable some of our long-term residents to get out of their cages and stretch their legs.
Catio without partitions
Catio with closed partitions

Garfield enjoys the catio
Cats at Operation Kindness that are not free-roaming are kept in cages in the cat rooms. These cats are typically in their own private space because they are either on a special diet or do not enjoy the company of other cats. Unfortunately, this means they do not get to enjoy the fun of the free-roaming catio. But not anymore!
The partitions will allow private use by cat residents who are not free roaming. The partitions easily open and close to allow the staff and volunteers to place cats on the porch on a rotating basis. This enrichment of our cat area was made possible by a generous donation from Kathleen Bailey.

Garfield got some fresh air and play time for the first time in more than a year. He spent a few hours on the porch, laying in the sun and playing with the staff.
Garfield is a 2 year old, male domestic shorthair cat that is available for adoption. You can find out more about him at

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Story of Hope

Animals are amazingly resilient creatures, but it is a sad thing when dogs are abandoned to fend for themselves.  As animal caregivers, the staff and volunteers at Operation Kindness see this every single day.  Just when you think you have seen everything, something happens that gives you pause for concern. Luckily, our medical team is able to intervene and save animals.  

Hope upon arrival at Operation Kindness
On Saint Patrick’s Day, a man brought us a small, dirty, severely matted little two year old Shih Tzu mix that he had found in an alley near his home.  The little dog was not putting any weight on her rear legs and was having a very hard time foraging for food.  The kind man brought her to Operation Kindness hoping we could help her. Upon examination, we discovered that her hair was so badly matted it was cutting off the circulation to her rear legs and feet.  Our medical team could not even cut the mat out because the hair was so tightly wound around her foot. 

Vet technicians work to remove the painful mats from Hope's hair
Our veterinarian put her under anesthesia and one of the veterinarian technicians began working on the mat, shaving a hair at a time out of the mat.  Finally, the foot and lower leg were free, but the damage to her lower leg was a severe injury.  There was a deep cut caused by the hair digging into her leg. After working for over 2 hours, she was cleaned up and free from the mats that were causing her so much pain.
Hope during her treatment
Hope, as we named her, is now resting comfortably without the shackles of her own hair binding her legs.  She will need weeks of rehabilitation in our shelter before she is ready for adoption. We believe with medical attention and therapy, we will be able to save her leg and she will get to run and play like all dogs should be able to do. 

Hope enjoys a short trip outside

For the time being, she is enjoying all the love and attention she is receiving from staff and volunteers. We'll keep you updated on her recovery and when she is made available for adoption. Click here to donate to help animals like Hope.