Monday, February 24, 2014

Artists for Animals: Meet Maria!

Mark your calendar for the Artists for Animals Concert Fusion Experience on Friday, March 14th at 7:00PM at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center! 

The evening will include a live performance from members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with a beautiful backdrop of amazing photos exemplifying the human/canine bond by portrait photographer Teresa Berg.

The evening includes a wine reception paired with desserts! Original art and art photography will be offered during the silent auction and artists will be in attendance to demonstrate and talk about their creative process. All proceeds from Artists for Animals will benefit the animals at Operation Kindness No-kill Animal Shelter. To purchase tickets online, visit

The beautiful dog featured in the above photo is Maria, and she is currently available for adoption at Operation Kindness! Maria came to Operation Kindness from another shelter because she is so sweet and loving we knew she needed a second chance. Our Animal Care Director walked past her cage, and Maria greeted her with a fast tail wag and kisses. It was then we knew this girl deserved a bright future! She's a 1 year old Pit Bull mix.

She first went to a foster home for 6 weeks with her day-old puppies where she was named Maria, and her puppies were named after the Von Trapp children in the Sound of Music! Her foster family learned she is potty trained, likes her crate, and is very affectionate. They said she is a huge cuddler! Maria came back to the shelter when her puppies were old enough and they were quickly adopted. It's been a few weeks and sweet Maria is still here and she is making friends fast.
There isn't a person she has ever met that she didn't absolutely love! Kids, men, teenagers... she likes, ahem, LOVES them all! Maria is a wonderful dog with people, and she is in a play group with other dogs. She sometimes does not like the company of other females so we would require a doggie intro for any potential canines siblings. This social butterfly will steal your heart if you come and meet her. We're confident that the person or family who takes this girl home will think they hit the doggie jackpot! For more information on how to adopt Maria, visit or call 972-418-PAWS.

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