Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Tail: Theo

Acer, now known as Theo, was adopted from Operation Kindness in November 2013.
Here's the most recent report from his happy adopter:
Little Theo, formerly known as Acer, is doing VERY well!! He has doubled in size since we got him, and rules the roost! Well almost… he has “Grandma Sammy”, our 6.5 pound 12 year old Siamese female, to contend with. He is best friends with Elliot, our 16 pound Lynx/Siamese mix, and they wrestle and stretch out together all the time. Theo wakes us up with kisses and cuddles, and greets us in the evenings with the same. He is most famous for his “meerkating” which is where he sits up straight on his bottom and looks around. It’s TOO precious! He also enjoys attacking his favorite uncles and Daddy’s feet. Everyone knows him, and everyone thinks he is just funny. He is also helping us with a sweet little foster puppy named Presley. He is helping her learn to trust other animals and appropriate ways to play. We couldn’t be happier with him!

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